Version 8 is available!

Version 8 of Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox available!

As announced, the version 8 of both apps is finally available on the app store.

This was again a bigger update with a lot of new features, tools, bells and whistles and of course, bug fixes.

The most important changes are:

  • 64 Bit support
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
  • Native iCloud Drive support
  • Share Projects between apps on different Devices
  • Share Projects between Electronic- and RF-Toolbox
  • iOS 8.x support
  • Introduction of online Projects
  • Introduction of a FAQ
  • New Tools
    • New Beagle Bone Tool (ETB only)
    • New Wheatstone Bridge calculator
    • New Truth table / Karnaugh table / logic formula conversion tool (ETB only)
    • New Frequency counter tool
    • New Logic tool (ETB only)
    • Balun Calculator (RF Toolbox only)

    So there are now 77 tools in total in Electronic Toolbox and 60 in RF-Toolbox.

    Some more details:

    Tool Improvements:

    • Improved Coil calculation now with single- multi- ferrite-core, Tesla flat and straight wire
    • Introduction of scalable formulas. Formulas now look much better throughout the app and not so big anymore.
    • The sound Generator can now still run even when leaving the tool
    • The sound Generator now has a volume slider
    • A double-tap is now necessary to zoom images.

    Happy New Year 2015!

    The recent data update for Electronic Toolbox contains several changes to many databases. The new app versions of Electronic- and RF-Toolbox are almost finished. Just a bit additional coding and some testing.

    The new version will then also fix the searching issue which exists in the current version of Electronic Toolbox. (As a reminder: If you want to use global search for e.g. search for a BC107 without starting the transistor tool, you can enter BC107 in the top search fields. However, and that’s the bug, you need to switch from Icon mode to list mode in order to let searching work).

    So stay tuned for further announcements.

    Meanwhile, I wish you and your Families a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!



    Version 7 of RF-Toolbox has been released

    This is a new major release of RF-Toolbox. The development took quite some time as I re-coded huge parts of the whole app.

    Basically, this release changes many things under the hood, adds many general features you have asked for quite often and fixes many small or even larger bugs.

    As almost 70% of the code has been re-coded, I already apologize for any possible new bug which is not unlikely due to this amount of new code, even though I and a couple of Beta Testers have tested this release (many thanks to you at this point).

    As always, please let me know about any bug ideally using the support button inside the app and I promise to fix any bug real quick.

    Version 7 contains the following changes to the previous version:

    ■ UI Improvements
    For compatibility reasons, previously I did use some UI Elements such as the Picker control in its old design or the old Keyboard and did not offer some other iOS 7 features even though the app was already compatible to iOS 7. This new release takes now fully advantage of iOS 7 and is now even already compatible to the next iOS Version. However, for this reason I had to drop backward compatibility to iOS 5 and 6. So with this new release, you will now have all the new iOS 7 improvements such as swiping lists to the right, to jump back, new animations, popover selections, new view and icon designs etc.

    New RF-Toolbox update available – Happy Thanksgiving!

    This RF-Toolbox update 6.08.01 includes the following changes and additions:

    • Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations tool

    This tool helps to create a certain value by calculating various combinations of serial or parallel connected components. This is especially useful if you can’t find a component with a certain value in your shack or if you need to create a value outside the E-Series standard.

    • 4-20mA conversion tool

    This new tool converts values based on the instrumentation systems 4-20mA DC standard.

    • Negative value entering

    For some input fields it was not possible yet to enter negative values. Now, the special keyboard has received a minus sign in the top bar.

    • Support for oz/ft² (Copper Plating Weight in oz)

    Especially for the PCB trace calculation, thickness can now be entered in oz/ft² .

    • Calculator degree / radian support

    The trigonometric functions like sin() and cos() can now calculate in radians and degrees and there is a new button which can be used to switch between these two. However, the degree button ° can still be used to convert values from degree to radians, thus when set to radians and calculating sin(45°) results in the same value as if the calculation is set to degree and entering sin(45) .

    RF-Toolbox data and app update

    A new app update 6.07.01 and data update will be available tomorrow, Friday October 18th

    The new app update adds the Desktop calculator that has been introduced recently in Electronic Toolbox.

    Also, there is now a new Newsreader which should now offer news in a more reliable way. The newsreader also has some more features like the ability to not just mark news as read but also to delete them. Also you can see both, RF-Toolbox news and Electronic Toolbox news together in one app if you own both apps.

    You will also notice a lot of design changes. Some users requested to adapt the look and feel to the new iOS 7 style with the flat buttons and more simplistic style. I hope everybody of you will like it. Initially, I personally was a bit skeptic so I was with iOS 7 but like iOS 7, I really started to love the new design and quickly adapted to the new look. So now I also like the new design of RF-Toolbox much better and it really fits better to the iOS 7 design.

    There is also a major change in the way how input and output fields can be selected. These are the fields with the yellow arrow in front of it. They are now working consistently as follows:

    • If you decide that you like one value to be calculated (you like to get the results for that field), you just need to tap on the button in front of the field and the yellow button appears – this is how it was in almost all tools so far.

    RF-Toolbox update 6.05.01 and new data update

    A new App update 6.05.01 and data update is available for RF-Toolbox

    I almost thought that this new update 6.05.01 will never come out or along with the next update I am already working on.

    This update is not just a preparation for iOS 7 but also contains the following new tools:

    ■ Passive cooling calculator
    ■ PTC / NTC Temperature Resistance conversion
    ■ AC Ohms law tool
    ■ Zener diode circuit calculation
    ■ Constant current source tool
    ■ ASCII Table

    Some existing tools have been extended such as:

    ■ The OpAmp Tool now can also calculate an Instrumentation OpAmp circuit
    ■ The number system tool now also supports IEEE floating point numbers

    With this update, it is also possible to copy output results (regardless if this is text or a number) by long-tapping the value. This way, you can easier transfer results from one tool to another or even to another App, a mail or notes.

    Finally, as usual, many other things have been changed and corrected under the hood.

    PLEASE NOTE: along with this update, also a data update has been released. Please don’t forget to install the data update by using the „Check for update now“ button in the settings screen of the App. The order of the installation (data update or App update) does not matter.

    New dedicated website – new ideas

    New website

    I must admit that I am really overwhelmed with emotions about some of your mails and App reviews. Many many thanks! This really helps me to keep up my work and inspired many new ideas. I wished I would have 48 hours a day to implement all of that much quicker.

    As you may have seen already, there is now a dedicated website for Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox and they are no longer part of

    This will better suit my future plans with Electronic- and RF-Toolbox. There is much to come over the next months so this new dedicated website (and .de) will allow me to better inform about these ideas in the future.

    Thanks again for all your mails and support.

    Kind regards,


    RF Toolbox updates available

    A new update 6.01.01 is available

    Fortunately Apple has released my new Update 6.01.01 of RF Toolbox.

    This update contains the following new tools:

    • An Antenna calculation tool
    • An Active Filter calculation tool

    Also, two tools from Electronic Toolbox have been added:

    • A Wire ampacity or Cable length calculation tool
    • A Delta / Star calculation tool

    In addition, the following improvements have been implemented:

    • Diameters can now also be entered in AWG (e.g. in the skin depth calculation)
    • In the Crosstalk tool, rise time can now be entered in time or frequency
    • Documents such as data sheets can now be opened and viewed in any other app on your device even in iBooks
    • Decibel values can now even be entered with negative values when the special keyboard is switched on
    • Resistor 1 of in the Voltage regulator tool can now be modified (again)
    • More accuracy (digits after the decimal point) for the Measurements tool

    PLEASE NOTE, along with this update, also a data update has been released. Please don’t forget to install the data update. For this, just press the „Check for update now“ button in the settings screen of the app. The order of the installation (data update or app update) does not matter.

    Update 6.00.06 is out for Electronic Toolbox and RF Toolbox

    A new app update is available for both apps

    This update contains the following changes:

    • For non-retina devices, there is now a new „small“ Icon setting which is different to the „standard“ which gives you back the Icon size as before if you prefer this size.
    • A more consistent and correct usage of the „mils“ unit
    • Some corrections and changes for 3-Band resistors
    • Some corrections in the OpAmp tool, especially for the inverting and differential OpAmp calculations
    • Some corrections in the Attenuator calculator
    • Now, for iOS 4 devices, the „special keyboard“ will be disabled automatically as this is not possible with iOS 4
    • Faster data update download
    • A new tool for SWG (Standard Wire Gauge)
    • And finally, EIA-96 coding support in the SMD resistor tool

    Those changes apply to Electronic Toolbox as well as to RF Toolbox.

    I am currently already working on some more change requests you sent me and also on some new tools that are hopefully about to come soon.

    Thanks again for all your mails and support.

    Kind regards,



    I am still receiving questions from people wondering about the changes in Version 6. You can find more information here : Version 6 changes

    Information about Electronic Toolbox can be found here: Electronic Toolbox Home

    And Information about RF Toolbox can be found here: RF Toolbox Home

    New Data update for Electronic Toolbox and RF Toolbox

    A new data update V 1.24 is available for both apps

    A new Data update 1.24 is available for Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox which contains the following changes:

    • Corrected resistance per feet dimension in the AWG tool
    • Corrected formula for the RLC parallel and series tool
    • New sockets: Tascam, Yamaha/Apogee
    • Corrected circuit diagram for the differential OpAmp
    • and some other minor changes

    Electronic Toolbox also receives new Translations for Portuguese and Italian. Many thanks goes to Rui from Portugal and OM massimo from Italy for their fantastic translations. Thank you so much.

    During the last days, I already sent a new app update 6.00.06 to apple which contains some more changes and additions that required an app update.

    Thanks again for your support, your help and submitting your findings.

    Kind regards,



    RF-Toolbox released and Electronic Toolbox app AND data update available

    RF-Toolbox available

    News for today:

    • RF-Toolbox has been released
    • A new App update V 6.00.05 for Electronic Toolbox is available
    • And finally there is a data update for Electronic Toolbox available

    First regarding RF-Toolbox:

    This new app is specialized on high frequency electronics for RF professionals, radio amateurs and students. RF-Toolbox is based on my Electronic Toolbox, contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.

    Just checkout the features and screenshots on my website: creating-your-app/rf-toolbox or the AppStore :

    New app and data update for Electronic Toolbox:

    The data update V 1.23 comes along with a new app update V 6.00.05 so please check out the AppStore for an app update as well as pressing „Check for update now“ inside the app (settings screen) to get the latest data update. The order of these updates doesn’t matter.

    The data update includes new ICs as requested such as the MCP3204, the MCP3208 and the MAX7219. It also contains some more units for the measurements tool as well of some corrections (e.g.