Neues Datenupdate 9.02

Ein neues Datenupdate 9.02 für Elektronik Toolbox und RF-Toolbox ist verfügbar

Dieses Update enthält folgende Änderungen und Ergänzungen:

  • Weitere Coax Kabeltypen
  • Mini DIN Stecker
  • Amateurfunk Steckerbelegungen
  • Flugfunk Geräte Steckerbelegungen
  • Weitere Daten und Informationen für das Gehäuse Tool
  • Im Röhren Tool waren einige Pinbelegungen verschwunden. Sorry. Diese sind nun wieder vorhanden
  • Einige weitere Anpassungen und Korrekturen in weiteren Datenbanken

Ein neues App Update ist auch schon fertig allerdings warte ich mit der Freigabe noch bis Anfang des Jahres. Ich fand es zu risikoreich, dieses Update jetzt schon zu verteilen weil es wieder einmal ein recht großes Update ist. Hintergrund ist, dass Apple die Tore für Entwickler vom 21. bis 29. Dezember schließt. Ich könnte also kein Update mehr an Apple schicken, wenn das notwendig werden würde.

Das App Update kommt dann aber gleich Anfang Januar.

In der Zwischenzeit möchte ich mich noch einmal für die tolle Unterstützung bedanken und wünsche allen Anwendern und Familien frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute für 2016!

Viele Grüße,

Marcus Roskosch

Neues Datenupdate, neue Projekte und iOS 9

Ein neues Datenupdate ist verfügbar und es sind neue Online Projekte hinzugekommen.


Das Datenupdate 8.8 enthält folgende Neuerungen:

  • 6510 CPU hinzugefügt
  • SJA1000 hinzugefügt
  • LM336Z5 (Programmable Shunt Regulator) hinzugefügt
  • Anpassungen bei den Schaltzeichen
  • Neue und korrigierte FET Datenbank
  • Arduino Nano V2.x und V3.x Unterschiede berücksichtigt
  • Einige Formeln wurden aktualisiert
  • Einige Übersetzungen korrigiert und ergänzt

Neue Online Projecte

Kurz nach meinem letzten Blog Post habe ich einige Projekte zugesandt bekommen.Ganz herzlichen Dank!

Nachdem ich schon den „9V Colpitts Oscillator“ vor eigen Tagen ergänzt hatte sind noch folgende hinzugekommen:

  • Micro-M Solar charger von Clemente
  • NE555 On-Off Switch von Karsten
  • Short wave receiver von Mike (von dem auch der Colpitts Oszillator stammt)

An alle nochmals vielen Dank für das Zusenden der Projekte.

Vielleicht spornt das auch noch weitere Anwender an, mir einige ihrer Projekte zuzusenden.

Bitte bei Fragen einfach melden.

iOS 9

Viele haben sicher den tollen WWDC Apple Event gesehen oder davon gelesen. Im Moment kann man die Keynote noch hier ansehen.

Es ist toll zu sehen, wie viele neue Features wie z.B.

Version 8 is available!

Version 8 of Electronic Toolbox and RF-Toolbox available!

As announced, the version 8 of both apps is finally available on the app store.

This was again a bigger update with a lot of new features, tools, bells and whistles and of course, bug fixes.

The most important changes are:

  • 64 Bit support
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
  • Native iCloud Drive support
  • Share Projects between apps on different Devices
  • Share Projects between Electronic- and RF-Toolbox
  • iOS 8.x support
  • Introduction of online Projects
  • Introduction of a FAQ
  • New Tools
    • New Beagle Bone Tool (ETB only)
    • New Wheatstone Bridge calculator
    • New Truth table / Karnaugh table / logic formula conversion tool (ETB only)
    • New Frequency counter tool
    • New Logic tool (ETB only)
    • Balun Calculator (RF Toolbox only)

    So there are now 77 tools in total in Electronic Toolbox and 60 in RF-Toolbox.

    Some more details:

    Tool Improvements:

    • Improved Coil calculation now with single- multi- ferrite-core, Tesla flat and straight wire
    • Introduction of scalable formulas. Formulas now look much better throughout the app and not so big anymore.
    • The sound Generator can now still run even when leaving the tool
    • The sound Generator now has a volume slider
    • A double-tap is now necessary to zoom images.

    Happy New Year 2015!

    The recent data update for Electronic Toolbox contains several changes to many databases. The new app versions of Electronic- and RF-Toolbox are almost finished. Just a bit additional coding and some testing.

    The new version will then also fix the searching issue which exists in the current version of Electronic Toolbox. (As a reminder: If you want to use global search for e.g. search for a BC107 without starting the transistor tool, you can enter BC107 in the top search fields. However, and that’s the bug, you need to switch from Icon mode to list mode in order to let searching work).

    So stay tuned for further announcements.

    Meanwhile, I wish you and your Families a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!



    New Electronic Toolbox data update available

    Today, a new Electronic Toolbox data update has been released.

    This updates contains the following changes:

    • Arduino Uni Rev 3 Pinout added
    • New Category in the ICs Tool with Solid State Relays (SSR)
    • Raspberry Pi Model B+ additions
    • Constants were updated
    • A few ICs were added as requested
    • A few German language corrections were included

    And finally, this update also contains some preparations for the next app update I am currently working on.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Best regards,

    Update 7.01.05 of Electronic Toolbox available

    Fortunately, it doesn’t took too long for Apple to release this bug fix update.

    This update fixes a few bugs that unfortunately slipped in to the last major update:

    Device rotation will now work correctly
    ■ German „Zurück“ button fixed
    ■ Few issues with 3.5″ iPhones fixed (e.g. second slider in Oscilloscope)
    Capacitor charge calculation fixed
    ■ Open image in other… app bug fixed
    Duty cycle calculation in NE555 tool fixed
    ■ An issue that cause the app to crash when swiping back was fixed
    ■ White-on-white buttons in print screen was fixed

    Along with this, the update contains the following improvements:

    ■ The 4-20mA tool now also shows Hexadecimal values for SPS development
    ■ Calculation results can now be transferred better to projects (no longer just screenshots)
    ■ Some speed improvements (e.g. esp. for iPad 2)
    Oscilloscope image can now be added to a project

    LIKE ALWAYS, PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget to install the new data update as well

    Again, many thanks for your feedback and help to improve this app further.

    Many many thanks also for your updated and new app reviews.

    Unfortunately, with every update I sent out, your previous reviews disappear.

    New version 7 finally available!

    Finally, as announced yesterday, the new version of Electronic Toolbox Pro is now available on the AppStore.

    I have re-coded huge parts of the app. Basically, this release changes many things under the hood, adds many general features you have asked for, offers a completely revised and freshen up user interface and fixes many small or even a few larger bugs. Finally, it adds a new cool tool: an oscilloscope. Also, this app is now already compatible to the recently announced iOS 8.

    PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget to install the new data update as well

    Here are some changes to the previous version:

    ■ UI Improvements

    The user interface has been freshened up and now uses some remaining iOS 7 features such as special animations, list swiping, popover selections, the new keyboard and some more. To implement those features, unfortunately I had to drop IOS 5 support but the app still supports iOS 6.

    However, don’t worry if you don’t want or can’t update to iOS 6 or 7, you can still use the existing Version 6 of the app as it will still be available on the AppStore for downloading and best of all, it will still get improvements via Data updates.

    On the special keyboard, you can now double-tap on the X button to clear all input field of the whole screen (Thanks Hal for this suggestion).

    Finally another update 6.10.02 of Electronic Toolbox is now available

    Finally, the promised update has been released.

    This update includes the following changes and additions:

    ■ Trace-With tool

    This tool was moved over from the RF-Toolbox app and helps to calculate width of internal or external PCB striplines based on the IPC-2221 charts.

    ■ Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations tool

    This tool helps to create a certain value by calculating various combinations of serial or parallel connected components. This is especially useful if you can’t find a component with a certain value in your shack or if you need to create a value outside the E-Series standard. So if you are looking for a 10k resistor but have none available, you can just use this tool to find out how to build this value with a certain combination of other resistors.

    ■ 4-20mA conversion tool

    This new tool converts values based on the instrumentation systems 4-20mA DC standard. This was a user request from some users and I was hoping to implement it sooner but finally, here it is.

    ■ support for oz/ft² (Copper Plating Weight in oz)

    Especially for the newly added PCB trace calculation (see above), thickness can be entered in oz/ft² .

    ■ calculator degree / radian support

    The trigonometric functions like sin() and cos() can now calculate in radians and degrees and there is a new button which can be used to switch between these two.

    Version 7 of RF-Toolbox has been released

    This is a new major release of RF-Toolbox. The development took quite some time as I re-coded huge parts of the whole app.

    Basically, this release changes many things under the hood, adds many general features you have asked for quite often and fixes many small or even larger bugs.

    As almost 70% of the code has been re-coded, I already apologize for any possible new bug which is not unlikely due to this amount of new code, even though I and a couple of Beta Testers have tested this release (many thanks to you at this point).

    As always, please let me know about any bug ideally using the support button inside the app and I promise to fix any bug real quick.

    Version 7 contains the following changes to the previous version:

    ■ UI Improvements
    For compatibility reasons, previously I did use some UI Elements such as the Picker control in its old design or the old Keyboard and did not offer some other iOS 7 features even though the app was already compatible to iOS 7. This new release takes now fully advantage of iOS 7 and is now even already compatible to the next iOS Version. However, for this reason I had to drop backward compatibility to iOS 5 and 6. So with this new release, you will now have all the new iOS 7 improvements such as swiping lists to the right, to jump back, new animations, popover selections, new view and icon designs etc.

    New RF-Toolbox update available – Happy Thanksgiving!

    This RF-Toolbox update 6.08.01 includes the following changes and additions:

    • Resistor/Capacitor/Inductor combinations tool

    This tool helps to create a certain value by calculating various combinations of serial or parallel connected components. This is especially useful if you can’t find a component with a certain value in your shack or if you need to create a value outside the E-Series standard.

    • 4-20mA conversion tool

    This new tool converts values based on the instrumentation systems 4-20mA DC standard.

    • Negative value entering

    For some input fields it was not possible yet to enter negative values. Now, the special keyboard has received a minus sign in the top bar.

    • Support for oz/ft² (Copper Plating Weight in oz)

    Especially for the PCB trace calculation, thickness can now be entered in oz/ft² .

    • Calculator degree / radian support

    The trigonometric functions like sin() and cos() can now calculate in radians and degrees and there is a new button which can be used to switch between these two. However, the degree button ° can still be used to convert values from degree to radians, thus when set to radians and calculating sin(45°) results in the same value as if the calculation is set to degree and entering sin(45) .

    Update Version 6.07.01 for Electronic Toolbox available

    Thank Goodness it’s Friday! as the new Electronic Toolbox update 6.07.01 is now available.

    This update fixes some issues that have been reported such as the not working „Add to project“ buttons in some areas of the app and the inability to add folders in the organizer. Sorry for that.

    Now, in the unit conversion tool, it is again possible to see all other conversions at a glance like in the older version. All possible conversions can now be observed by tapping on the selection below „Convert to:“. Thanks for this suggestion!

    There is now a consistent way to decide which value should be calculated and which are the „given“ values.

    As an example, in the Ohm’s law tool, let’s say you like to calculate Current and Power based on Voltage and Resistance. You can tap on the small button in front of the Current and Power fields. These buttons will then turn to have a small arrow indicating that these values will be calculated.

    Now, it is also possible to tap at the location where you expect an input field in order to get the white input field for entering a value.

    You will also notice a change in the user interface. I have changed several areas throughout the whole app so that it fits better to iOS 7.

    Windows 8 update available now and iOS Version comming on Friday

    Fortunately, the new Windows version of Electronic Toolbox was just released by Microsoft and the iOS Update will be available this Friday.

    Lately Microsoft gave me a hard time to fulfill all requirements for the naming of screen shots on the Windows Store and several additional minor requirements. The good thing is though, that Microsoft takes Store approving serious – which is good, for you as customer as well as for me as developer and customer. I hate the lax or even not existing Google approvement procedure which causes many rubbish, non-working, faking and Trojan apps on the Android play store.

    However, back to the Windows version, which includes many changes such as:

    • New NTC / PTC tool – New Raspberry Pi tool
    • New Constant current source tool
    • New AC Ohms Law tool
    • New ASCII Table tool
    • New Zener Diode tool
    • Instrumentaion OpAmp calculation
    • New languages for the User Interface: German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
    • Updated Databases
    • Some changes for Windows 8.1
    • Some Bug fixes and many additional minor changes

    The Windows version is available here.

    iOS update

    The iOS Update, as mentioned, will be available this Friday. It contains quite some fixes and internal improvements.

    Data update for Electronic Toolbox available

    A new data update is available for Electronic Toolbox.

    This data update includes some changes in the transistor database (which is why this update is a big bigger than usual) and will correct the Avagadro’s number.

    For the German users, there are also some added translations included.

    Finally, it includes some new ICs as requested such as the OPAx134, LME497x0 and LM4562.

    A new app update will also come soon. I expect to send it to Apple next week. The next app update will mainly correct a few mistakes that have been slipped in with the last update like the inability to add components to a project in some of the tools and some other minor fixes. It will also come with a slightly changed design which fits better to the new flat iOS 7 design.

    Thanks again for your support,

    kind regards,


    RF-Toolbox data and app update

    A new app update 6.07.01 and data update will be available tomorrow, Friday October 18th

    The new app update adds the Desktop calculator that has been introduced recently in Electronic Toolbox.

    Also, there is now a new Newsreader which should now offer news in a more reliable way. The newsreader also has some more features like the ability to not just mark news as read but also to delete them. Also you can see both, RF-Toolbox news and Electronic Toolbox news together in one app if you own both apps.

    You will also notice a lot of design changes. Some users requested to adapt the look and feel to the new iOS 7 style with the flat buttons and more simplistic style. I hope everybody of you will like it. Initially, I personally was a bit skeptic so I was with iOS 7 but like iOS 7, I really started to love the new design and quickly adapted to the new look. So now I also like the new design of RF-Toolbox much better and it really fits better to the iOS 7 design.

    There is also a major change in the way how input and output fields can be selected. These are the fields with the yellow arrow in front of it. They are now working consistently as follows:

    • If you decide that you like one value to be calculated (you like to get the results for that field), you just need to tap on the button in front of the field and the yellow button appears – this is how it was in almost all tools so far.

    New Electronic Toolbox Version available

    The new Electronic Toolbox version 6.06.01 is finally out

    This updates adds iOS 7 compatibility as well as a lot of changes and additions:

    The following nine tools have been added:

    ■ Raspberry Pi Tool
    ■ Passive cooling calculator
    ■ PTC / NTC Temperature Resistance conversion
    ■ AC Ohms law tool
    ■ Zener diode circuit calculation
    ■ Constant current source tool
    ■ ASCII Table
    ■ Battery charge calculator
    ■ Finally, a desktop calculator

    So there are now 67 tools included (all for free by the way for everybody who already purchased my App before). No extra costs, no InApp Purchase.

    Some existing tools have been extended such as:

    ■ The OpAmp Tool now can also calculate an Instrumentation OpAmp circuit
    ■ The number system tool now also supports IEEE floating point numbers
    ■ The Measurements tool is now renamed to Units and has been completely revised (again)

    Now, it is also possible to copy output results (regardless if this is text or a number) by long-tapping the value. This way, you can copy values easier from one tool to another or even to and from the new desktop calculator or other Apps.

    ■ iOS 5, 6 and 7 support

    Electronic Toolbox is now compatible to iOS 5, 6 and 7 and it will run on all of these iOSes and all devices available from Apple, including the new iPhone 5S and 5C.