Electronic Toolbox data update 1.15 available

A new data update V 1.15 is available

This is just a small data update with the following content:

  • IP-Ratings added in the tables tool

The following ICs were added:

  • CC2570, CS2570 (ANT RF Network Processors)
  • DS18B20 (Programmable 1 – Wire Digital Thermometer)
  • UDN298x and ULN200x (8-channel drivers)

And finally:

  • Improved formula images throughout the whole app
  • Some corrections in the 40xx and 74xx IC section

Another data update and app update is already under development but I thought I should send already out an update with the above.

Thanks again for your support, help and suggestions.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,



A few words about cracked versions of Electronic Toolbox – update

Update to „A few words about cracked versions of Electronic Toolbox“

As I concentrated on improving and extending Electronic Toolbox during the last weeks and months, I lost track about the number of cracked versions of ETB circulating on various platforms.

Last week, I found I should check and was quite surprised that again, various versions of my App are available for free again. Those versions have been downloaded and installed about hundred thousand times and the installation base of those cracked versions is higher than the installation base of the version from the AppStore.

I even found two cracked versions that were not just cracked but also contained some additional code. As far as I was able to see, this code accesses the address book and creates a lot of network traffic. Also, some iOS system files (etc/hosts and some others) are being modified. Very strange though.

I still can’t understand why people are not willing to pay a few bucks (the same amount they pay for a BigMac) for an app that is being supported and extended now over years whereas a BigMac just lasts for a few minutes.

Moreover, some of those people even asked for support and submitted change requests.

Update of Electronic Toolbox available!

New Version 4.01.01 of Electronic Toolbox is now available!

This version is mainly a maintenance update to fix some reported issues but also contains some improvements:

  • The unfortunate issue in the LED tool has been fixed
  • When switching between calculation types, reasonable unit types will now automatically be applied
  • Some improvements in the NE555 tool
  • Added some additional LED types in the LED tool
  • Projects and project attachments can now be deleted by using the swipe gesture
  • Projects can now have URL attachments to websites
  • Possibility to fine-tune the frequency in the Frequency Generator in order to measures an external sound in note and frequency easier
  • Some accessibility improvements for VoiceOver
  • Some preparations for iOS 6

And finally one new tool:

  • Capacitor Charge and Energy calculator

Thanks again for your support and help.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,



Electronic Toolbox Data update V1.14 available

As announced yesterday, a new data update V 1.14 is now available.

The data update contains the following changes:

  • Temperature cihip LM35 added
  • A few coax cables, such as LMR-400 added
  • Comparator ICs LM139,LM239 and LM339 added
  • Function generator IC XR2206 and Oscillator IC XR2207 added
  • New group of Atmel controllers AT89xxx added
  • New section I2C-bus in the IC tool with some I2C-bus ICs like the PCF8574
  • New section Optocouplers in the IC tool with some Optocouplers like the 4N35
  • Some corrections and additions in some databases
  • And finally some preparations for the next App version


Thanks again for your support and help.

Have a great weekend,

kind regards,