Electronic Toolbox 4.0

Over the time, I received many requests and good ideas to extend Electronic Toolbox. So almost once per month, I brought out an update with more functions and extensions. Now it includes more than 30 mini-tools with loads of calculations and databases. By now, Electronic Toolbox has been updated more than 60 times.

By this however, the App became more and more complex more and more confusing and difficult to use over the time.

So I decided to completely rewrite Electronic Toolbox from scratch. It took me now eight months (and several nights and weekends) to finally let the new Version 4 show up on the App Store.

These were the main goals for version 4:

  • Perfect foundation for hundreds of additional mini-tools that will be added over the time
  • Easier navigation and searching for mini-tools
  • Consistent and easier to use user interface throughout all mini-tools
  • Taking better advantage of the higher resolution Retina display and larger iPad screen
  • Offering more background information about calculations, formulas and circuits



Another goal was to include a global place where calculations, circuits, components or documents can be stored for later reference. For this reason a global Projects function has been introduced in Version 4.